Who is St. Nicholas?

St. Nicholas, often incorrectly depicted as Jolly Old St. Nick, was a bishop and ardent defender of the faith. St. Nick was left with a pretty large inheritance when his parents passed away, but listening to the Gospel message, he would generously give it away, especially to children. This is where the legend of him placing money in the socks or boots of people originated.

He suffered and was imprisoned for living out his faith. After being released from prison he went to defend the faith from the Arian Heresy at the Council of Nicaea. It was there that the “legend” of him punching Arius in the face came from, but that’s a story for another time. May we all be inspired by St. Nicholas’ generosity towards others and courage to defend the faith. St. Nicholas, pray for us.

Andrew Brueggen
Religion teacher, Aquinas Catholic High School

St. Nicholas was a person who helped people.
Abby – Columbus Catholic Schools, Marshfield

St. Nick to me is a jolly soul. If you put your shoe in front of your door, he will leave something for you. St. Nick is kind of like Santa, but St. Nick is holy and is a saint. His spirit lives on through you if you believe in him.
Leia – St. Anthony School,  Loyal

Santa Claus gave us priests. He is nice because he gives us presents.
Yaretzi – 2nd Grade, Regis Catholic Schools, Eau Claire/Altoona

We tell him what we want and he tells Santa
Mila – 1st Grade, Columbus Catholic Schools, Marshfield

He used to be a priest. His original name was Nicholas. He was very rich when he grew up. He dropped sacks of money down people’s chimneys.
Will – 2nd Grade, Regis Catholic Schools, Eau Claire/Altoona

St. Nick is part of my family.
Newman Catholic Schools, Wausau

St. Nicholas is a saint.
DJ – St. Peter School, Tilden

St. Nick is a very good man. I think he’s a shepherd.

St. Nicholas was a nice person that overheard a conversation that some people needed money. The night after he decided to give those people some of his own money. He just kept doing it even though he didn’t have a lot of money.
Claire – 7th Grade, St. Paul Catholic School, Bloomer

Was very generous and kind—he gave up riches and stuff he cared about and worked to help the poor and enslaved.
Newman Catholic Schools, Wausau

Nicholas is in our class.
Columbus Catholic Schools, Marshfield

St. Nicholas is a kind man who gives to the poor. Nicholas obeyed God in every way he could. Nicholas prayed to God.
Hunter – St. Peter School, Tilden

I remember in 2nd grade I read a book about him. He left gold in people’s shoes. He had inherited the gold from his father, which was stored in a well, I believe.
Jack – 5th Grade, Columbus Catholic Schools, Marshfield

St. Nick is the saint that was born around Christmas time. He would sneak into people’s houses while they were asleep and give them pies.
Damien – 7th Grade, Pacelli Catholic Middle School, Stevens Point

Santa’s dad
4th Grader, Our Lady of Peace Intermediate School, Marshfield

Santa or he’s someone who, well, it’s a long story. He’s a really nice person.
Grade 3, Newman Catholic Schools, Wausau

When St. Nicholas was a boy he gave money to the poor. Now St. Nicholas gives toys, candy, clothes and many more things. He is kind of like Santa.
Madelyn –  St. Peter School, Tilden

He believed in God and never gave up.
Olivia – 2nd Grade, Regis Catholic Schools, Eau Claire/Altoona


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