Who is St. Nicholas?

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Who was Saint Nicholas?

St. Nicholas, often incorrectly depicted as Jolly Old St. Nick, was a bishop and ardent defender of the faith. St. Nick was left with a pretty large inheritance when his parents passed away, but listening to the Gospel message, he would generously give it away, especially to children. This is where the legend of him placing money in the socks or boots of people originated.

He suffered and was imprisoned for living out his faith. After being released from prison he went to defend the faith from the Arian Heresy at the Council of Nicaea. It was there that the “legend” of him punching Arius in the face came from, but that’s a story for another time. May we all be inspired by St. Nicholas’ generosity towards others and courage to defend the faith. St. Nicholas, pray for us.

Andrew Brueggen
Religion teacher, Aquinas Catholic High School

St. Nicholas was a person who helped people.
Abby – Columbus Catholic Schools, Marshfield

St. Nick to me is a jolly soul. If you put your shoe in front of your door, he will leave something for you. St. Nick is kind of like Santa, but St. Nick is holy and is a saint. His spirit lives on through you if you believe in him.
Leia – St. Anthony School,  Loyal

Santa Claus gave us priests. He is nice because he gives us presents.
Yaretzi – 2nd Grade, Regis Catholic Schools, Eau Claire/Altoona

We tell him what we want and he tells Santa
Mila – 1st Grade, Columbus Catholic Schools, Marshfield

He used to be a priest. His original name was Nicholas. He was very rich when he grew up. He dropped sacks of money down people’s chimneys.
Will – 2nd Grade, Regis Catholic Schools, Eau Claire/Altoona

St. Nick is part of my family.
Newman Catholic Schools, Wausau

St. Nicholas is a saint.
DJ – St. Peter School, Tilden

St. Nick is a very good man. I think he’s a shepherd.

St. Nicholas was a nice person that overheard a conversation that some people needed money. The night after he decided to give those people some of his own money. He just kept doing it even though he didn’t have a lot of money.
Claire – 7th Grade, St. Paul Catholic School, Bloomer

Was very generous and kind—he gave up riches and stuff he cared about and worked to help the poor and enslaved.
Newman Catholic Schools, Wausau

Nicholas is in our class.
Columbus Catholic Schools, Marshfield

St. Nicholas is a kind man who gives to the poor. Nicholas obeyed God in every way he could. Nicholas prayed to God.
Hunter – St. Peter School, Tilden

I remember in 2nd grade I read a book about him. He left gold in people’s shoes. He had inherited the gold from his father, which was stored in a well, I believe.
Jack – 5th Grade, Columbus Catholic Schools, Marshfield

St. Nick is the saint that was born around Christmas time. He would sneak into people’s houses while they were asleep and give them pies.
Damien – 7th Grade, Pacelli Catholic Middle School, Stevens Point

Santa’s dad
4th Grader, Our Lady of Peace Intermediate School, Marshfield

Santa or he’s someone who, well, it’s a long story. He’s a really nice person.
Grade 3, Newman Catholic Schools, Wausau

When St. Nicholas was a boy he gave money to the poor. Now St. Nicholas gives toys, candy, clothes and many more things. He is kind of like Santa.
Madelyn –  St. Peter School, Tilden

He believed in God and never gave up.
Olivia – 2nd Grade, Regis Catholic Schools, Eau Claire/Altoona

From:   Mrs. Brenda Rothbauer’s 3rd Grade Students

Aaron Lierman said he has a sled and some reindeer.  He was the first Santa Clause and he still is.

Brandon Wicken said he was a good man who gives stuff to us.

Nadia Eder said he is also known as Santa Clause who delivers presents to poor people.  You have to be good for him to deliver presents to you.

Jacob Anderson said he is someone who loved God.

Rylee Olson said he was a man that did lots for others. He always feeds the people that were poor like himself.  He was a very nice person, and he also fills our stockings a couple of days before Christmas.

Riley Lotts said he is a Saint and helps people.

Gunnar Potaczek said he was a nice person who was caring. He gave money to people.  He was the first Santa.

Marcus Weeks said he was a rich person, but when his parents died he decided to give instead of receive.  That’s how Santa was made.

From St. Peter School, Tilden

Saint Nick was a kind and humble man. One night, when Saint Nick was walking home, he passed an orphanage. He had an idea! That night, he filled a bag full of toys and sweets. He went to the orphanage and in the shoes of each orphan he put a treat. Ever since then people celebrate Saint Nick’s Day the same the orphans did every night on that day. We leave our shoes out and in the morning the shoes are full with sweets.  By Henry – Grade 6

Saint Nick was one who sold a horse slave and didn’t use him as a slave. He made friends with the boy. Every night they would steal money and put the money down the chimneys for people. One day Nick was captured and put in a dungeon and didn’t’ eat. When he was free he found out that his friend saved baby Jesus from the fire, and that’s who Saint Nick is. By Kendall – Grade 6

St. Nick is a Catholic saint. A little bit before Christmas, people were in need of money and items. So, St. Nick came and knocked on peoples doors and gave them money. This was a very good deed St. Nick did. After St. Nick did this he was famous. 
By Charles – Grade 6

St. Nick was very generous. He gave money to some people. He gave some gifts to some people. We set out our shoes and get money and chocolate every year. We get St. Nick bags at school. By Lucia – Grade 6

St. Nick is Santa. St. Nick is a saint. St. Nick also came up with the idea of presents. When you put out your shoes on the night before St. Nick’s feast day, you might have something in them the next day. St. Nick was born in Ireland.  By Zach – Grade 6

Saint Nick is a saint. He is a real person. He is a saint who is now in heaven. His feast day is in December. We celebrate his feast day because he comes and puts candy and toys in our shoes. By Morgan – Grade 6

St. Nick was born in Ireland and lived there for his whole life. He started the tradition of Christmas by giving 2 girls some money. St. Nick put the money in socks they were hanging up to dry out because they were wet. The girls were surprised by this and so they went out to find who did this to help them. St. Nick did this for several nights as the girls became more curious who did this. They never found St. Nick, the one who did it. Eventually St. Nick told them that he gave them the money he also told them how he snuck into their house through the chimney. The girls thanked him and went on with their lives. Then he moved on by giving candy and toys and money for other people and for kids. Today he puts candy in people’s shoes over night while the children are sleeping. By Caleb – Grade 6

St. Nick is a helper or Santa. St. Nick will put candy in your shoes. Sometimes I will put taller shoes out to try to get more candy. St. Nick delivers presents to you every year. St. Nick is very smart if he knows who is nice or naughty. St. Nick eats a lot of cookies and feeds carrots to his reindeer.  By Avery – Grade 6

Who is Saint Nick? Saint Nick was a very humble man who gave money to the poor. There was a family who was very poor and so Saint Nick put money down their chimney. The family later became very rich and repaid the favor to Saint Nick by giving him double the amount Saint Nick had given to them. People would put their shoes out on their doorsteps on Saint Nick Day and Saint Nick would come during the night and put money in their shoes. Saint Nick was later referred to as Santa Claus.
By Wyatt – Grade 6

Saint Nicholas is a person who comes to your house and gives toys to kids and his favorite candy is a candy cane.  He is like Santa clause.  When I was in kindergarten someone dressed up as Santa and came into our classroom.  He likes to bring joy to kids and all other people.  He liked to teach and learn about Jesus.  He wears a red fuzzy coat and a red hat with a pom-pom.  He lives in the North Pole. He leaves candy in peoples shoes. He has a million elves.   By Aaron – Grade 5

St. Nick gave to the poor. He put food and money in the poor person’s stockings that helped with getting food and to paying taxes. St. Nick went to people’s houses at night to try not to get caught. But he got caught and went to jail for a good amount of years.  By Ryan – Grade 5

Saint Nick is man of his word.  He is humble man because he gave two girls money. He comes around every year to put candy or something in your shoe. His favorite candy is a peanut. Saint Nick saint because he adores God and his saints that makes him holy and a humble man also the man of his word might not come right away but maybe. You will get it right away also that is why he is Saint Nick .You should also pray to Saint Nick, God, and God’s saints. By Justin – Grade 5

Saint Nick is a saint. He is very old. He lived after the time of Jesus. 
By Bryce – Grade 5

Saint Nick lived after the time of Jesus. Saint Nick is also called Saint Nicholas. When he was alive, he went around town at night and gave money and bags to all the people in the town. Today, Saint Nick goes around on December 6th and fills people’s shoes with candy. And that is what I know about St. Nick.  By Eli – Grade 5

St. Nick was a man. St. Nick gave people gifts. He gave them money, clothes, and blankets. St. Nick went to jail. St. Nick’s feast day is close to Christmas.
By John – Grade 5

St. Nick is the first person that gave people gifts and didn’t want anything in return.  He loved his village.  His village was down in the dumps.  St. Nick got a gift in return he got remembered.  St. Nick’s uniform was red.    By Lauren – Grade 5

Saint Nick is a saint who comes to your house and fills your stocking with candy and other stuff. When I was in kindergarten Saint Nick dressed like Santa. Saint Nick’s favorite candy is a candy cane. Saint Nick is a helper of Santa. That is all I know about Saint Nick.  By Adam – Grade 5

Saint Nick was born March 28. His feast day is December 8.He was a Bishop in Europe. He is a saint in heaven proven by a pope. He is the patron saint of sailors. 
By Elsa – Grade 5

Nicholas was born in the 3rd century. He was a bishop in Europe. Nicholas was also very generous to the poor. There was a man whose three daughters wanted to get married, but their father didn’t have enough money. That night, Nicholas put three bags of gold in the window. On the eve of December 5, it is customary for children to lay out a pair of their shoes and while they sleep, Saint Nicholas comes and puts candy in their shoes. Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of children. His feast day is December 6.
By Clare – Grade 5

He put candy by everybody’s doors. Once he was thrown into jail. He dedicated himself to God. Saint Nick gave good kids presents. He also gave naughty kids sticks to show that they still need to work better at being good.  By Noah – Grade 5

Immaculate Conception School, Eau Claire – Grade 3

St. Nicholas now is Santa Claus. He was a little boy who put money down the chimneys and was a very kind boy. He is now known as Santa who delivers presents on Christmas. St. Nicholas has been around for years.  Anya Hendrickson – 3rd grader

St. Nicholas is a person who did good deeds and helped people. He gave people money down their chimneys. After all the good things he did, he became a saint.
Johnny Joles – 3rd grader

St. Nicholas was a nice boy who changed peoples’ lives. One story about him is… One day he heard some people talking. there were three daughters and a set of parents. The oldest wanted to go to school. The middle wanted a toy. The youngest wanted a doll. St. Nick heard and the next night he got a friend and a ladder and some gold. Then he went to this house and put the gold down the chimney. He kept doing that for two more days. That is how Christmas giving started. Rachel Ridenour -3rd grader

St. Nick lived in Myra. His feast day is December 5. Nick loved to help people. One night he overheard a father saying that his eldest daughter didn’t have money saved up for her wedding. This meant she would have to be sold as a slave according to the law. St. Nick climbed the roof and dropped enough money in the eldest daughter’s stocking that was hanging by the fire and went away. Her father was overjoyed. The next night Nick returned with enough money for the other two daughters, and he dropped it in their stockings hanging by the fire. St. Nick is recognized as Santa Claus.  – Maria H., 7th grade

St. Nick is sometimes referred to as Santa Claus. He would deliver presents to his town. The presents were sometimes small pouches of gold coins. St. Nick would also deliver coal to the people who needed it. The presents would come through the chimney if they had one. Shane M., 7th grade

St. Nick is a saint that went to poor people’s houses and gave them money. He helped many people while they were poor. He is now known as Santa. Santa comes to everyone’s house on Christmas. Christmas is Jesus’ birthday so St. Nick or Santa Claus brings all the kids that have been good toys. If you get toys you were good and if you get coal you were bad. – Kaedyn P., 7th grade

St. Nick is Santa Claus. St. Nick was a noble man who liked to help children. He was chosen by God because he was a giving man. God said it’s not what you get, it’s what you give. St. Nick wanted to help the poor, but the king didn’t want to give. St. Nick have money and food to the poor. He was later thrown in prison. – Colton S., 7th grade

St. Nick is Santa Claus. He brought gold and other riches to poor families. Now be brings us Legos and other goodies. He was put in prison until he was fat and had a beard. He served God as well. – Matthew D., 7th grade

St. Nick was a giver. He gave back to the poor. St. Nick always wanted to do good. St. Nick believed in Jesus. He did it for Jesus. Emily C., 7th grade

St. Nick was a saint who lived in Europe. He gave money to the poor by night and was a normal person by day. By doing this it developed into Santa Claus. We also celebrate his feast day in December. He’s the patron of people who give and also boys and girls.
Andrew P., 8th grade

St. Nick was a saint of Great Britain. St. Nick lived in a time when children’s families were in poverty. St. Nick delivered presents to those families on Christmas Eve night. I think he is a patron saint of the poor and children. This is how the story of Santa Claus began, where presents would be placed under a Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. Carter G., 8th grade

St. Nick is a very important saint. St. Nick is remembered as Santa Claus. He brought gifts to those in need. St. Nick brought many people to Jesus. These people did not know much about Jesus. St. Nick helped them to be closer to God. This is why St. Nick is an important saint. – Zach P., 8th grade

St. Nick was a boy who went around and put money in people’s chimneys. He was only giving the money to people who needed it. Every year sometime in December you put your shoes out and St. Nick will come and put stuff in your shoes. St. Nick only comes in the night. He is also very sneaky. – Emily T., 8th grade

St. Nick was a person from the 1000s I think. St. Nick would donate to the poor at night. He would do it so people wouldn’t know. It was years after that that St. Nick’s Day became a thing. These are the things I think St. Nick did.  Griffin D., 8th grade

St. Nick is an interesting saint. He served God well in his life. He did many kind and good things. St. Nick liked to pray. He is one out of a lot of saints that are now happy with God in heaven. – Rebecca B., 8th grade

Most children know St. Nick as Santa Claus. His full first name is Nicholas. St. Nick was a young boy who was generous enough to give to charity to others without reason. A tale of one of his kind acts is about three brides to be. There were three women who wanted to be married, but they did not have the money. Without them knowing, St. Nick dropped money through the window into their house. St. Nick was a very generous man whose kindness gave happiness to millions of families. This is who St. Nick was, a very charitable man.
Joey E., 8th grade


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