Mature in Spirituality through Acts of Love

This article was posted on: June 24, 2016

By Father Woodrow Pace
Director of the Mission Office

Without exception, maturing in Catholic spirituality involves reaching out beyond yourself. Whatever form it takes, self-denial disposes your heart to receive something more. Ultimately, that ‘something more’ is God in Himself given to you. But on the path, you will encounter Him in more subtle ways that bring great joy.

St. Thérèse of Lisieux saw potential for small sacrifices in every moment. A smile in adversity or an act of kindness when it’s likely to be unappreciated, these acts of love are transformative. They are self-emptying and filled with grace. While this great saint was called to grow in God’s grace through the closeness of her cloister, others are called to lay down their lives in service of the Church’s missionary zeal. Those who say “yes” to the Holy Spirit’s promptings leave behind all that is familiar in order to find the face of Christ in what is yet to be discovered. The Gospel reveals many wonders to someone who embraces and proclaims it wherever it is needed most.

Whether through small acts of great love, a life altering missionary surrender or anything in between, your selfless efforts will open your heart. Then, be prepared for great strides in spiritual growth. God will reveal Himself in many and in splendid ways.

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