To See a Return, Immerse Your Child in a Catholic School

This article was posted on: August 23, 2016

Tom Reichenbacher
Superintendent of Catholic Schools

Is it worth it to enroll a child in a Catholic school?  There is the cost of tuition, but what about the investments of time and talent? Catholic schools ask a lot from their parents. Is this complete investment worth the cost?

As a parent, are you dedicated to teaching your children the faith? Do you want your children to understand and live as faithful Catholics? Are you hopeful that your children will grow to become active members of their parish? As a parent, do you want your children to be led to the Tabernacle, to our Lord?

If you have answered yes to the list of questions in the second paragraph, then the answer to the question “Is it worth it to enroll a child into a Catholic school?” is YES.

Catholic schools are really faith immersion schools. Throughout a school day, students are given constant opportunities to experience the Catholic faith. Students pray formally and informally; they serve one another and their community; and they are given scholarly instruction in the many areas of our faith.

But, this immersion goes beyond the school walls. Catholic schools work with the primary teachers, the parents, to further strengthen a relationship with Jesus. Catholic school parents do an enormous amount of work for their children’s schools. This investment of time and talent is an important example to their sons and daughters. As role models, parents help their children see that living the greatest commandment, to love God above all else, is done through service within the parish and an extension of the parish—the Catholic school.

The sacrifices catholic school parents make are real. Parents give so much to their children and to their children’s catholic school.  What is the payout for this investment of time, treasure and talent?  The biggest return is actually found in a motto used by some catholic schools, “preparing children for this world and the next.”

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