5 tips for discerning God’s will as a teenager

This article was posted on: October 28, 2016

1 Write down where you are in your relationship with God right now.
As with anything that requires taking steps and moving forward, it is vital to have a clear and honest understanding of your starting point. Our relationship with God is built on steps of understanding Him and how He works in our lives. It is very important to remember that this step is not for you to feel ashamed in any way, but to make a plan to take steps forward regardless of your starting point.

2 Get to know God through prayer.
If you are going to have a relationship with someone, you will want to get to know them. Use your prayer time to talk with God about your life, and learn to listen to Him and trust Him. There are many wonderful types of prayer. Explore them and find in what types of prayer you connect most with God.

3 Get to know God in the sacraments.
Look at your relationship with God as you would a family member or a friend. It is when we are in a person’s presence that we tend to have the strongest connection. God is present in the sacraments. Take the opportunity to be in His presence with your whole mind and heart as often as you can.

4 Explore your passions in life.
The true passions we have in life are God-given and, therefore, must be used to honor Him. Your passion does not necessarily have to be a career choice. Ask yourself, “Where do I find the most joy in life?” Remember, God delights in you and it is through that mutual joy we are affirmed in our God-given passions.
5 Begin to immerse yourself in your God-given passions.
What are you waiting for? When you have begun to see your life synching with God, then allow Him to work through you by being an active participant in your God-given passions. Discerning God’s will does not mean you become a robot and just do as you are told. It means that you participate with God in the mission He has entrusted to you on this earth.

By Chris Rogers
Director of the Office for Youth and Young Adult Ministry

The Catholic Diocese of La Crosse
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