December 12, 2017 – Officials

This article was posted on: December 12, 2017

The Most Reverend William Patrick Callahan, D.D., Bishop of La Crosse, makes the following announcement:

The following priests have been elected to the Presbyteral Council for a three-year term, effective December 3, 2017:

Rev. Allan L. Slowiak                                                   Diocesan Priests Ordained 1963-1979
Rev. William P. Felix                                                    Diocesan Priests Ordained 1980-1984
Rev. Alan T. Burkhardt                                                Diocesan Priests Ordained 1986-1993
Rev. Brian D. Konopa                                                  Diocesan Priests Ordained 1994-1998
Rev. Robert C. Thorn                                                   Diocesan Priests Ordained 1999-2001
Rev. Keith J. Kitzhaber                                                Diocesan Priests Ordained 2002-2008
Rev. Robert M. Letona                                                Diocesan Priests Ordained 2009-2013
Rev. Daniel L.Thelen                                                   Diocesan Priests Ordained 2014-2017
Rev. William G. Menzel                                              Senior Priests
Rev. Louis Britto Susairaj                                           International Priests
Rev. Georgekutty Thayilkuzhithotto                        Religious Order Priests

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