This article was posted on: January 24, 2018

Why celebrate Catholic schools?   Because Catholic schools are schools of faith, schools where a child isn’t simply educated about basic facts, but on how the Catholic faith is part of those basic facts. We make a point to celebrate Catholic Schools Week every January, and this year we’re focusing on the following themes:

Catholic schools:


Celebrate the Catholic faith in Catholic schools by learning more about God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Learn with a community of students, parents, educators and support staff as we discover academic success based on the Catholic faith.


Celebrate one another in Catholic schools through service. Jump in to help as our school communities reach out to all people and causes in need. Be with our students as they encourage one another to follow Christ’s direction to help the least of our brothers, and pray with us as we ask our Heavenly Father to grant us the necessary strength and endurance to care for all people.


Celebrate the current leaders and the future leaders of our Catholic faith, of our Catholic schools. Thank you to our pastors as they work with our children and inspire them to do great things. Thank you to our laity as they give countless hours to our schools making them exceptional. We invite you to experience the leadership within our students as they demonstrate in their classrooms their ability to lead our Church in the future.


Celebrate the awesome accomplishments of our school communities. Recite prayers of thanksgiving for our students and their joy. Offer prayers of happiness for our teachers who greet their children with smiles each and every day. Applaud our many successes in the classroom, in athletic competitions and on the stage.

By Thomas Reichenbacher, Superintendent of Catholic Schools

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