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A Must-See Movie: When the Game Stands Tall

This article was posted on: April 12, 2018

When the Game Stands Tall tells the tale of a football team from Concord, California that racked up a record-breaking winning season in the late 1990s of more than 150 victories. As the victories continue to mount, the coach, who is obviously eager to see the streak continue, becomes more and more concerned with the “internal” formation of his players. This man of deep faith must find ways to hang on to his primary goal of guiding his players to be moral, humble and honest.

The story line is both compelling and entertaining. It uses tough life lessons to illuminate numerous biblical virtues. The movie is void of vulgarity yet bursting with a positive regard for the practice of one’s religion and faith. Though it is NOT recommended for general audiences (families with children of all ages), this movie is considered a must see for parents who have young adults, especially those who are playing high school sports.

The movie is produced by Affirm Films which is a Sony Company. You can purchase the DVD on Amazon by clicking here .

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