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Men of the Cross Conference 2018 – A Great Father/Son Faith-building opportunity!!

This article was posted on: October 18, 2018

Here are two stories from father’s who took their sons to some of the past conferences.

I have attended Men of the Cross with my teenage son, Ian. Besides the great speakers, who can really get the message through to men and young men alike, I appreciate the opportunities for adoration and reconciliation offered. The midday meal is always good-quality, and even the ride to and from the conference is a chance to connect with other men interested in spiritual growth.

I don’t spend a lot of time with my son normally, so an event like this is not only a special shared experience but also reminds us of the importance and wisdom of our Catholic faith. As a teen he takes his faith seriously but at times struggles to stay the narrow course (as I do). This and other Catholic events tailored to men really drive home the importance of practicing our faith in everyday life and provide us with the spiritual weapons we need for the battle we are in the midst of.

– Jonathon

Attending the Men’s Conference with my son Ted was a very meaningful experience. I would recommend it to all Fathers and Sons as it was a time to become even closer to my Son and left us leaving feeling a more spiritual bond between both of us and more importantly our faith. Everyone running the conference was very well organized. We had a lot of fun together as well.

The speakers are very relevant and we both left the conference feeling not only closer to each other but also closer to Jesus Christ. We also met some great people. Last year, when I first told him we were going, to be completely honest he was not very enthused. That quickly changed after we arrived at the Men’s Conference and listened to the first speaker. Along with all the great speakers, there was still time to go to confession, attend adoration and go to mass. Now this has become an annual thing that Ted and I look forward to doing together. I encourage all Fathers to attend with their Son’s. It was definitely worth the time spent.

– Joe

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