Marriage Matters

Religion and Marital Satisfaction

The last time you were at a wedding, the priest probably talked about the power of the grace of the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony to help the couple weather the rough storms of life together and to deepen their love for each other. As Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen taught, it takes three to get married: husband, wife and God.

As it often does, science shows this wisdom from Catholic tradition to be absolutely right. Studies continue to show that religious practice positively affects the marriage relationship. Social science research demonstrates many of the benefits that worship of God brings to spouses:

  • Husbands who share the same religious beliefs as their wives have greater marital satisfaction.
  • Men who regularly attend church share greater emotional intimacy with their wives.
  • Men who attend church more often and financially support their church are likely to report a love of their wife that is greater than it was when they first married.
  • Women are happier when they believe that they and their husbands share the same understanding of their faith.
  • Women who attend church have greater emotional intimacy with their husband and greater marital satisfaction.
  • Marital satisfaction and stability increase as religious practice increases for couples.

Take a look at this fact sheet and share it with others. Spread the word that religious faith really does benefit marriage in powerful ways. Click here to download the fact sheet.

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