Prayer More Than Saying Words…

This article was posted on: March 7, 2019

Lent is an important time to deepen our relationship with Jesus. One way is to pray the words of a prayer from our heart, being aware that we are speaking with the Person of Jesus, rather than just quickly rattling memorized words.

As Catholics, we always begin and end our prayer with the Sign of the Cross. Making the Sign of the Cross is a prayer – not just an introduction. When we make the Sign of the Cross, we are telling God we believe in Him, and we are offering our prayers to Him.

As we pray the Sign of the Cross, we are professing our belief in the Father, and in the Son and in the Holy Spirit, while acknowledging and honoring their Presence and coming into their Presence. This Sign expresses the central mystery of our Faith, that God is One in three Persons.

We “cross” ourselves to remember that Jesus died on the Cross so that our sins could be forgiven. This Sign reminds us that Jesus gave everything for us on that Cross out of His complete and faithful love. We end the Sign of the Cross with “Amen” as this means we believe the words that we are praying.

During this holy season, let us make every effort to make this holy Sign in an unhurried and intentional way with the utmost attention and reverence, as we address the Person of the Father, the Person of Jesus the Son and the Person of the Holy Spirit.

At this moment, let us pray this important prayer:In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen

Ann Lankford
Director of the Office for Catechesis and Evangelization

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