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The Effect of Parents on Their Child’s Piety

This article was posted on: April 23, 2019

Parents’ religious behavior and spiritual conversations play a significant role in their adolescent child’s religious life–even more influential than schooling, peers, or other religious mentors. Social science research demonstrates this in many ways:
• Teenagers whose parents actively practice their faith and speak about religion in their families are more likely to be involved in religious youth groups.
• Parents who attend church have a more positive influence on their children’s own attendance, than friends and other family members do.
• Adolescents with parents who attend worship regularly and who consider religion important are more likely to engage in private religious activities, such as prayer and scripture reading.
• Adolescents whose parents are religiously very active are more likely to be religiously mature, have a deeper knowledge of their beliefs and integrate their faith more into their daily lives.

Given the influence that parents have on their children, what can you do to
bring your child closer to God?

Learn more by downloading this information sheet from the Marriage and Religion Institute!

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