Marriage Matters

Marriage Mentors

This article was posted on: February 17, 2020

It is important to spend time together – one to one – during your first year of marriage. And, it is also important to find a happily married couple who can guide you through the common minefields that newlyweds often encounter.

What is a Marriage Mentor? Basically, it is another married couple who has more than 10 years of experience at being husband and wife. This couple has already experienced many of the ups and downs of the married state. They understand that a quality marriage takes work and commitment. They are not afraid to face conflict head-on. And, they are willing to talk with you about their experience and listen to your questions.

How do you identify a couple who might mentor you?

Look around you; at your aunts and uncles, couples at church, people at work… Search for a couple who gets the marriage is forever message. They speak highly of their spouse. They make their spouse and family a priority over work and recreation. They have a palpable sense of joy. They are easy to be around. They are not busy all of the time.

When you find a couple that looks like this, pay attention to how they interact. Observe their tenderness for each other. And, take the risk and ask them to help you learn to do what they do. Who knows, they might just invite you over for a cup of coffee and some conversation. If they do, you are on your way to being mentored.

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