Vocations – Being one of the numerous stars in the sky

This article was posted on: August 3, 2020

There is a part of the prayer for vocations that states: “Give those you have called to the married state and those you have chosen to live as single persons in the world, the special graces that their lives require.” My life has received an abundance of these graces—as numerous as the stars in the sky. That is the way it feels to me with every look I take as a new star appears in the sky symbolizing not only how brightly lit a sky can become but “paralleling” how brightly lit one’s life, as well, can become; my life being one of those. Whether it is my personal life with my professional job of being a documentation specialist mixed in, my vocation of marriage with motherhood mixed in or my spiritual life with, yet, another love mixed in—a love so deep and different, it completes my life; a love unmeasured; it is eternal.

My personal life and vocational life could not be what they have become, today, without my spiritual life. It is my spiritual life that has grown and driven those other two parts of my life. It is the spiritual presence in my life that continuously forms me and has made me, today, be the very best that I am. I have so many faith-filled, spiritually strong and deeply devoted brothers and sisters to thank for my “sky” looking as beautiful as it does.

I’m strengthened by His grace when I’m teaching religious education or being the student taking a class to learn more deeply about my Faith. I’m blessed by His presence when I lector during Mass or engage with an RCIA team focused on those entering into the beautiful Catholic Faith. I’m touched by His love when I‘m sitting among the special ladies throughout our diocese sharing in a council activity that is so meaningful to us or when I leave daily Mass being given the direction of how I need to live and do works more for God that day than perhaps the day before. It is Him who helps me exist in a world that is so challenging and sometimes even hurtful.
Prayer is at the very center of my life, pulling me close to God. It gives nourishment to my life; without prayer, there is an emptiness. Prayer gives me substance, it gives me purpose and it grounds me. Prayer helps me reach out to others in need, and silently, and it leaves me with such a feeling to know that they are in my life and I am in theirs.

I was once asked what I wish for. Very simply, I wish for simple kindness in our world. I wish for each and everyone’s vocation, whatever it may be, to give an abundance of joy; an immense feeling the impossible is very possible and they, too, will have a sky filled with numerous stars, forever shining brightly by one’s love for God.

Lu Ann (Lu) Miller
Past President, La Crosse Diocesan Council of Catholic Women
Published July/August 2020 issue of Catholic Life

Prayer for Vocations
Heavenly Father, Bless your Church with an abundance of holy and zealous priests, deacons, brothers and sisters. Give those you have called to the married state and those you have chosen to live as single persons in the world, the special graces that their lives require. Form us all in the likeness of Your Son, so that in Him, with Him, and through Him, we may love you more deeply and serve you more faithfully, always and everywhere. With Mary we ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen

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