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Religious Practice and Crime

This article was posted on: January 29, 2018

We believe that faith should make a difference in this world as well as in the next. Following God’s plan should make the world a better place. This world isn’t the primary focus of our faith, but bringing the world into the Kingdom of God is part of the Great Commission.

Well, science shows that active faith really does have an effect in society.

For example:

  • Metropolitan areas with high rates of congregational membership and areas with high levels of religious homogeneity tend to have lower homicide and suicide rates than other metropolitan areas.
  • States with more religious populations tend to have fewer homicides and fewer suicides.
  • Religious attendance is associated with decreases in both major and minor forms of crime and deviance, to an extent unrivalled by any government social programs.
  • Religious involvement significantly increases self-control while decreasing drug use and delinquency.
  • Religious service attendance and adherence to moral beliefs were correlated with fewer status offenses among adolescents.

Worship of God yields benefits government programs cannot match. How can you spread this word? Who among your friends and colleagues would be intrigued to hear this information?

You can download, print and share a one-sheet developed by the Marriage and Religion Research Institute that shares these facts and more by clicking here.

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