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Teaching the Way of Love

This article was posted on: January 23, 2018

Many parents know the Teaching the Way of Love program as a series of three live presentations; Embrace Parenthood, Growing in the Way of Love, and Bodies and Boundaries. As popular as these presentations have become, many parents have not been able to attend a live program hosted by their parish. Other parents needed more guidance than a 2-hour program could offer. Thus, the authors of the program have worked diligently to create a home study program so all parents could have ready access to the informative and practical concepts that flow from each presentation.

The printed version includes 26, one hour segments that progressively educate parents as their children grow from children into adults. Like the live presentations, the printed materials are founded on Catholic Church teachings and designed to empower parents to be the primary educators of their children. Unlike the live presentations, the printed version provides parents with a deeper application of each of the principles.

The 26 segments are spread across the same three titles as the live presentations (Embrace Parenthood, Growing in the Way of Love and Bodies and Boundaries). And each segment contains a short text introduction, a DVD clip, questions for discussion and an activity that can be put to use in a family’s everyday life.

Embrace Parenthood is the first and most important step in the series. It presents ten foundational principles that underpin fulfilling family life and is a great place to start for all parents. We especially recommend Embrace Parenthood for parents with children in Pre-Kindergarten through 3rd grade. These segments focus on the role of the parent as the primary educator and the establishment of the family as the domestic church. Embrace Parenthood helps each parent discover the relationship that exists between love and expectations and acquire basic communication skills that result in disciplined, motivated and respectful children.

Growing in the Way of Love, the second step in the series targets parents whose children who are entering puberty (typically this includes children in grades 4-7). This program includes seven segments and walks a family through the basic information of transitioning from childhood to adulthood. It includes information on holistic development (spiritual, emotional, social, moral, personal, and physical) rather than just physical maturity. This “middle” portion of the program emphasizes parenting strategies that help the parent to stay connected to the child during a time that often leads to estrangement, especially in areas such as sexuality, relationships and morality.

Bodies and Boundaries is the third step in the series and it is recommended for parents with their 8-10th grade youth. It focuses on nine critical topics including sexuality, true love, chastity, and relationships. Emphasis is placed on strengthening communication between parent and child and the development of behavioral standards that are based on the Ten Commandments. Bodies and Boundaries provides information that parents can share with their young adult on forming solid, loving relationships that avoid the “hook-up” mentality, discernment of a vocation, and understanding chastity and the vital role that it plays in their life.

Parents are encouraged to purchase this valuable resource. Just go to the Teaching the Way of Love website at and click on the link found at the bottom of the home page.

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