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This article was posted on: August 28, 2018

This is my dad and me when I graduated from Viterbo with my Masters Degree.

A connection to Catholic education is something that has always been important to my family; starting with my grandpa, four generations of my family have all attended the Catholic school in Arcadia.

The Catholic school in Arcadia provides not only an excellent academic program, it encourages active participation in the faith and teaches the importance of virtues, all in a loving, family atmosphere.

I have many fond memories of attending the school. The classmates I went to school with are still important in my life. I had the privilege of being educated by sisters in elementary and middle school. We had so many students that we used two buildings. I remember being thrilled to be in fourth and fifth grade because you moved to the upper unit (which used to be St. Stanislaus School, the one my dad attended). At that school, it was four classrooms and everyone played together and knew each other. The school taught me a lot about the importance of Jesus and prayer in my daily life, which continues to be strong today.

“As a teacher, I feel a part of another family, my school family.”

As a parent, I know the school formed our children into wonderful young people. Our oldest daughter just graduated from high school, our second child is going to be a junior and our son will be in seventh grade at Holy Family Catholic School. They have been taught quality academics, their faith is continually growing and the respect they have for family, friends and the community all show how blessed we are to be able to provide them with a Catholic education. My husband and I have always been pleased with what the school offers.

My school picture.

This is my grandpa with my first born daughter Reegan. She graduated this year.

As a teacher, I feel a part of another family, my school family. One positive for me working in this school is that I have been able to have my own children and many nieces and nephews in my classroom. It has been amazing watching them grow during the school year and being a part of their success. Being in a small community has also been a blessing because I continually see students that I had in my classroom and they are always respectful and kind to me. I have been able to witness them move on to adulthood and get married, yet still keep the Church as an important part of their lives.

Holy Family Catholic School has provided me with numerous blessings throughout my time attending, teaching and being a parent there. The connection I have is one that I continue to be proud of each day. This school has given my family so many wonderful opportunities. God’s blessings on all who enter for a minute, a day, a month or many years.

By Leanne Haines, Teacher and alumna, Holy Family Catholic School

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