Marriage Matters

Fatherhood and Marriage

This article was posted on: January 31, 2019

Many voices out there are trying to convince us that marriage isn’t important. A common phrase is, “We expect too much from marriage.” But science continues to prove that God’s original plan is the best plan for human flourishing, as well as for holiness. For example, when fathers are married they and their family benefit more:

• Married men earn up to 26 percent more than their unmarried counterparts, and this holds after social scientists have tested every other explanation (education, family background, even DNA from identical twin studies).
• Fathers in always-intact marriages are more involved in their children’s homework.
• Married men and women report the most enjoyable and the most frequent sexual relations.
• Married men have lower levels of stress.

Given the enormous benefits that come from marriage, what can you do to
spread the word? What colleagues can you discuss this with? Start by downloading this fact sheet and sharing it!

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