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This article was posted on: June 14, 2021

Teah inspires parents to be active in their children’s Catholic education

Many faithful adults in the Diocese of La Crosse were educated in a Catholic school. Their memorable experiences made it an ideal enrollment choice for their children, grandchildren and future generations. St. Anthony Catholic School in Loyal is no exception to this tradition.

Teah Morrow, of Granton, follows this same path. Not only did her parents attend the school, but so did she and her brother, and now her two children.

“I feel it is important to have my kids experience a small school and close-knit community, to see us volunteer at church and interact with the parishioners,” Teah remarks. “The smaller class size and sense of community is a tremendous advantage to having children grow up to be good people with good morals.”

With grades 4k-6, and an enrollment of about 31 students, each class has an average of five students in it. Built in 1909, and originally named St. Balthasar Catholic School, it was renamed in 1931 when the new St. Anthony Church was dedicated.

Teah continues her involvement in St. Anthony Catholic School as the current president of STP (Students, Teachers and Parents). As STP president, Teah believes the youth are everything. “I try to get parents involved and get them excited about having their kids enrolled in a Catholic school. The Catholic Church and our relationship with God are exciting!”

The STP meets every other month and holds several fundraisers throughout the year to support the tuition-based school. New parents are encouraged to attend the meetings and become active not only in the school, but in St. Anthony Parish.

Teah has fond memories of the school. “Walking back into the building for the first time in many years was so surreal. It smelled the same and brought back fun memories.” Catholic Schools Week remains a highlight of her childhood.

Fishing on Lac Courte Oreilles in Sawyer County. Teah showing off her small mouth bass.

Married in 2012 to her husband, Luke, Teah enjoys living in the countryside surrounded by farmland. The two met at CCD and have continued their relationship with God ever since. Parents of Lennox, age 7, and Wes, 4, Luke supports his family as a commercial plumber and welder, while Teah is a registered nurse at Marshfield Clinic in the heart failure improvement program.

With an active lifestyle, Teah’s mother-in-law runs a childcare center and takes care of the couple’s children when they are not in school. “Both our families are very close. We teach our children that family is everything. We prefer to have weekends together celebrating things as a family.”

Luke’s grandparents have a sap cooker, so every spring the family taps about 200 trees and makes maple syrup to share among the relatives.Teah’s Faith keeps her grounded. “My kids know they have a purpose as to why God put them here. I’m blessed with my family and all I have—and I have plenty!”

Story and photography by Sharon Sliwka
Published in the May/June 2021 Catholic Life Issue

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