I am thankful for…..

This article was posted on: November 25, 2022

Freshmen students at Assumption High School in Wisconsin Rapids.

William R. – my family and cranberries
Walker L. – my family
Jeremy A. – my family
Natalie N. – my friends and family Onna S. – my family 
Lilli P. – my family and friends  Caleb M. – my family and hockey Joseph E. – my job and my family  Baylee H. – my family
Mckenzie P. – my family 
James B. – my friends and family and Mr. Lynch
Bella T. – my friends 
Maddie G. – having such good family and friends
Rylee S. – family and sports Ryleigh J. – my family and friends
Sierra M. – my family, friends and volleyball
Isabel P. – my friends and family and my dog
Jaydon J. – family and friends Aaron J. – my family and friends Ron B. – my friends and family
Ari C. – my family
Chase L. – my family and Jonah 
Diego Perez – friends, family, and soccer
Jordyn Jaglinski – my family and the opportunity of daily mass
Lucy Dolan – my friends, family, and my education 
Alex Black – being able to live in a loving household with loving parents.
Thomas B. – frogs
Jonah G. – my airsoft guns because I can play airsoft with my friends.
JT S. – all our sports families and Mr. Lynch
Lexi S. – school 
Nina T. – my education
Tom A. – being Catholic
Braeden P. – being able to build my relationship with God during school
Lirah L. – my teachers 
Zeke K. – Mr. Lynch

Published in the December 2022 issue of Catholic Life Magazine

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